Club Rides

Accessible Ride

E20CC runs an Accessible Ride on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month suitable, for all levels of cyclist. We set off from our usual base in Stratford at 8:30am and head to High Beach in Epping Forest where we stop for refreshments at the Tea Hut before heading back. The rides is approximately 25-30 miles (40-48 km) long at around 14-15 mph (22-24 kph).

On the Accessible Ride, Ride Leaders make sure everyone is safe on the road and enjoys themselves. They are also available to offer advice on any aspect of cycling. A full pre-ride briefing is provided so everyone knows hand-signals and riding etiquette. Essentials on an Accessible Ride are food (a banana, energy bar or snack of choice), water and spare inner-tube and pump.

No one gets left behind on the Accessible Ride and it is a great introduction to cycling for any newcomers.

Mid Pace Ride

The Mid Pace ride is ideal for those who have started to find the pace of the Accessible Ride a bit easy and want to challenge themselves over slightly longer distances and faster pace. These rides are organised depending on availability of Ride Leaders.

Fast Pace Ride

The Fast Pace Ride is by invitation only as riders must be comfortable with long distances (70 miles/100km+), and fast pace (17mph/27kph+). Riders must also be able to properly fuel before and during the ride in order to keep the pace. 

VeloPark Thursdays

On Thursdays, E20CC members can usually be found putting in laps at the Lea Valley VeloPark, a 1 mile long outdoor road-cycling circuit. These sessions start at 6:30pm and are a great way of riding with faster riders around a closed circuit where you can stop when you want, or can't pedal any longer! These sessions are highly recommended for anyone wanting to move up from the Accessible Ride to the Mid Pace or Fast Pace Ride.