Club Rules

The following are Values and Principles that every member must agree to abide by when joining E20 Cycling Club, The Club, or when renewing their annual membership.

1) The Club membership is open to all persons willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.
Providing the criteria set out in the membership application is met (for example, to attend two introductory club rides, ride in a sensible, non-dangerous manner, pay the annual membership fee), membership of The Club is open to all.
2) The Club is controlled only by The Committee, who each have equal control. Those elected to serve on the committee are accountable to the membership.
Member participation is one of the defining features of The Club. All members are to treat all other members equally.
3) The Club will be run in the interest of all of its members.
The Club will provide a platform for likeminded individuals to ride bikes together through the weekly Sunday club run and other events in all disciplines.
The Club will look to give mutual support to its members and the wider cycling community.
4) All members have a fair and equal stake in the club, and responsibility for it.
All members of The Club have a duty of care to each and every other member, as well as a responsibility to look after the club as a whole. All members should be willing to help with club activities such as Ride Leading, volunteering and helping to organise events, or generally improving the standing of the club.
5) Education, training and information.
As a member of The Club you will educate and train other (potentially new) members so that they too can contribute to the club. The club will informally assist and support all members with their cycling education and training.
Members should also promote The Club to the wider public in a positive fashion.
6) Have concern for the cycling and wider community.
Members of The Club will promote The Club in a responsibility and positive fashion, and show good spirit towards the wider cycling community.
As a member of The Club, you have a responsibility to uphold the goodwill of the cycling community. By agreeing to wear Club kit you agree to represent the Club. You agree to acknowledge fellow riders and look out for other cyclists while riding.